Thursday, 16 June 2011

*It's that time of year again*

Yes I am afraid to say it but it's that time of year again!!
Has a year really gone that quick?? It seems so...and without me and even noticing!

The next round of Art and Design Degree Shows kicks off this week - Salford University starts on the 16.06.2011 titled "My Big Fat Show" and our very own The Manchester School Of Art starts on Friday 17.06.2011 titled "On Your Marks 2011".

It doesn't feel like a year since we graduated last year - but that's a good thing, most people said that it would go so quick...and it certainly has! Placements, free-lance work, and now finally a job has taken over the past year for me and I will be toasting my glass tomorrow for the next round of budding designers that will embrace the wider world. I wish them all the luck and hope the best for them where ever they may go...

The Manchester School of Art Degree show:
On Your Marks 2011

Salford University Degree show:
My Big Fat Show

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