Tuesday, 28 June 2011

F ' E L D

I have found an amazing digital and graphic design studio that are seriously cutting edge, unique and down right good at what they do!

"FIELD is a studio for digital art and graphic design based in London they use computational design, interactive technology, and generative strategies to create images with a life of their own.

Inspired by the patterns of nature and the dynamics of life, FIELD‘s visuals take up on our shared ideas of the world. Familiar motifs appear in a world of abstraction and imagination in their poetic and associative works.

Their projects take shape in illustration and animation, interactive installations and realtime generative visuals. FIELD has created work for global brands and cultural institutions, while their experimental films and installations have been shown at festivals and galleries around Europe and in the U.S."

To begin with, their site is beautiful - strong interaction between viewer and graphics, emotional to the movements of you mouse/touch. You must take the time to experience it! A spectacular connection is created and it got me hooked! Their navigation and links to projects are also well designed - nice font & chosen colour palette throughout. They have worked on projects for the likes of MUSE, RedBull and Xebox and it is an impressive portfolio.

Incredible work - definitely worth a look!

1 comment:

A_B_ said...

They've got some really nice work on display at the Universal Everything exhibit in Paris at the moment too :D

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