Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cadburys 'Dancing Clothes'

The latest Cadbury's video which launched on the 15th May, is most definitely a glass and a half full! Not only have we seen a Guerilla drumming, eyebrow party freak out and now it seems - Clothes Dancing!! The larger than life clothes and props were specially made, and over 2 weeks dancers prepared the moves which would ultimately create the theatrical performance.

A Cadbury spokesman said: ‘They were effectively blind within the suits. They had to rehearse heavily to ensure they could perform without crashing into things.’

Sam Hibbard, from advertising agency Fallon, (who always produce such amazing creative and provocative work) said: ‘People now are so used to CGI so we wanted to create the ad in a traditional very lo-fi way. It’s almost a performance rather than an ad.’

And I love it! As always, you might question the relevance to chocolate - but who cares when it makes people smile, enjoy life and it has the feel good factor.

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