Tuesday, 15 June 2010

DESIGN RESPONSIBILITY : Research/Inspiration Book

"Design is a way of life.

But with it comes roles and responsibilities.

Design responsibility is something that each emerging designer should question - before working on projects, and when deciding which company to work for.

It takes the form not only of ethical responsibilities but also environmental.

What I have learnt through research and investigation is that design responsibility should be a call to action. We are in a position whereby the message we give out has an underlying impact on the rest of society and although design is visually aesthetic the communication should contain values.

This publication aims to educate and inform young designers to respect and appreciate the world of design, through a collectable poster series that graphically represent more than just a message. I hope to encourage greater understanding of the fundamental values and relevance of design to business and society.

Design Responsibility. You Decide."

My response and output for my current project I have just completed.

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