Monday, 30 August 2010

Also ...

Two important conversations all in one day!!

On friday was going home after work, minding my own business then over heard one of those conversations (you'll know the one I mean!!) between two men as the second man got on to the train (they obviously know each other) and it goes something like this,

"How was work - coloured in anything yet, what is it you colour in????"

Couldn't help myself but intervene and quite politely ask the second gent - 'I take it you do design?'. We talked about "colouring in" - confirming to the first gent that colouring in is not ACTUALLY our job but a mere part of the creative aspect to everything we do.

I then chatted with the second chap and found out that he works for a very similar ethical and sustainable design agency like UHC where I am - we swapped business cards and I had a very interesting conversation; it just proves that where ever you may be a potential contact is within reach and you should make the most of it.

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