Monday, 28 February 2011

Northwich Salt Museum & Artist Michael Hitchens

Northwich Salt Museum is not a place where I would normally visit - however I did, and whilst it was not a particularly stimulating experience ... I found myself appreciating the typographical posters and packaging a whole lot more!

The packaging and posters of the salt was typical of that time - clean, bold and oversized. It was these that drew my attention to how it was packaged and promoted - many of us will take salt for granted, however the heritage of how it was made will remain an important part of history for the town.

Whilst at the museum - passing the toilets - I stumbled across a piece of art that did not fit entirely with the decor!! That is because is wasn't - and looking closer I found out that in fact it was the work of Michael Hitchens (Artist and Screen Print Technician at MMU) - his work mainly revolves around water-based screen printing and acrylic painted canvases. It was quite interesting to see, and I felt proud to see his work as I had never seen it in this way previously.

You can see Mike's work here and below are a few images of his work.

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