Thursday, 21 July 2011

RHYTHM Jerk - MTV idents


MTV have launched some new idents to define their visual identity onscreen - with four idents in total they have collaborated with agencies such as The Mill and ilovedust.

The one that I think has the strongest creative concept was designed and directed by Carl Addy from The Mill - called 'Rhythm Jerk' which shows five bespoke pop-up toys dancing collapsing and jerking to music. They include Metal Dude, Weather Man, Bangle Gal, Bananamana and Sumo who went through to the final film. The pop-up toys remind me of the childhood toy with the spring underneath that uncontrollably collapses and springs back to life when released. Obviously there was a lot of editing and skill involved to direct the timing of each toys, to coordinate the dancing pattern and movement.

It is a step forward from what MTV have previously done - the more modern and younger approach seems to suit the direction of who they are aiming at and why. Nice work from all of whom were involved!

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