Tuesday, 19 February 2013

You got me Tumbling ...

Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr ....
What is it with Tumblr ?

It is everywhere ...
Just recently - I am seeing an ever more presence of Tumblr sites that encourage, share and feed of each other. They pool together the wonders of our visual world for people with wondering eyes, hungry appetites for design and a general outlook on all things beautiful.

From dressed up dogs, finger licking food, obscure landscapes, footwear, clothing, art to beautiful (naked) women, they complete a visual diary on mass ... a moment shared and loved.

A moment shared.
A moment lived.
A moment felt.

A process that I am being absorbed by and it's taking me by storm.
And here are my i { h e a r t } No. # blogs that I want to share with you.

Images courtesy of the blogs featured.

Super Super Super Suicidal
A variety of things
The focus Collective
Tomo Hawk
Wool Cotton...

And here is a selection of the best of the images featured from the sites !!
(Visit them all and enjoy ...)

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