Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Because We Can - The Glue Society

Watch and Learn - The Glue Society.
"Because We Can" is their staple message - a powerful document of how they work and why they work. And the most engaging message I reckon! As a creative collective they are based in Sydney and New York - they include writers, broadcasters, film direction, graphic design ... and much more.

The projects they work on are exclusive and completely unique and individual - from melting ice creams vans to huge pigeons with a naked man on top to a 42ft arch made up of plastic chairs - they are different to say the least.

But they are exciting and challenging - something which I admire!
Check their work out here.

Images courtesy of The Glue Society.


alex said...

These are so cool! Great post(:

// said...

Thanks Alex - yes very cool aren't they! Helen x

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