Monday, 16 July 2012

Everyday People Required

Spencer Tunick - he is a widely recognised artist and photographer of the Human Form. Having shot over 75 Human installations they are not images that you would recognise at first glance - his large scale nudist shoots require thought and concentration.

His images explore social, political, and legal issues surrounding art in the public sphere - the use of colour, composition and layers creates an arresting ... and interesting visual form. His love and passion for the Human form is a celebration - although being arrested 5 times and banned from certain countries there is a certain truth and emotive connective with the naked body that he represents. And I'm certainly drawn in ...

How does it make you feel? Are you opposed to the severe nudity and expression of his work or like me do you relish in the thought that he is challenging and supporting the Human body - giving us a voice - a platform to leap from?

Images courtesy of Spencer Tunick.

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