Friday, 20 November 2009

I AM UNWELL....and haven't done much work!

God I feel like death, and have found it really difficult to do some work/ research for this new project. It is only a 3 week project, so every day counts as my next tutorial is Tuesday with Liz. I have decided that as I cannot decide which brief to do (they all were soooo good) I have narrowed it down to either YCN Resistence or YCN Alcohol attitudes. I really like both, when I read the Resistence Brief it struck me that this could potentially be more challenging and rewarding than doing the Alcohol Awareness, but I really dont know..What should I be doing? For my portfolio, For me... Again I feel like I am questionning what I should be doing...

But I have done some research for Resistance:

They are not the approach that I may take myself but they are an insight to the 'political' world. The book 'The designer and the dissent' is a very, very usefull guide to this field of Graphic Design and politics.

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