Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Self Promotion: Graham Jones

Ah Graham, what a delight.
I have seen some of his work in previous years and it all its superbly, detailed thought out. I love the time spent and finishes he adds to his work, like he said "some times the little details count for more", I agree with him.

I really value and listen to everything he says as personally he always has a different opinion not only about my work but life in general. He is a great tutor, and offers fantastic aesthetic advice that brings to life any design. Although his style is unlike my own the simplicity and visual values have and probably will influence my designs.

Self Promotion is something that I generally think about, in this day and age when the Internet and mass media is taking over how can I be different and noticed. Its this stage where I as a designer must shout out and be original to get noticed, differentiate between the other thousand designers that will graduate with me. But I am not going to dwell too much on it now, but I am always thinking and evaluating myself. In a way though I am promoting myself daily thorough the work I produce and how I communicate it, this in turn will benefit me most.

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