Tuesday, 2 August 2011

HOUSE Industries

House Industries has long been my friend, not only as a great source of inspiration for typography but for the amazing work they produce. From the printed booklets, screen-printed posters and rendered letters - they produce some of the best work and now they are promoting their Photo-Lettering service.

A little info from their website:

"Known throughout the world as a prolific type foundry, House Industries has made a considerable impact on the world of design. House Industries fonts scream from billboards, wish happy whatever from tens of thousands of greeting cards, serve as the basis for consumer product logos and add elements of style to a wide range of mainstream media. Their typography deftly melds cultural, musical and graphic elements. From early forays into distressed digital alphabets to sophisticated type and lettering systems, House Industries’ work transcends graphic conventions and reaches out to a broad audience. What ultimately shines in the House Industries oeuvre is what always conquers mediocrity: a genuine love for their subject matter."

I received an email just recently - not only was this a great marketing tool but it was interesting and yes! although I am a member I gave in and created a new account just to receive the latest catalogue!! It is promoting their Photo-Lettering Catalogue which has 96 pages of beautiful work - not only is it great work - but usually really nice tactile paper (people who like to smell/touch will appreciate this!!)

So you can sign up and receive your very own & to find out just how nice it is ... and ultimately sign your life away to third parties! But who cares, I love good design!

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