Wednesday, 21 April 2010

LECTURE: Emily Forgot

Emily Forgot is an interesting designer, she has an interest and passion for Illustration but prefers the process of Graphic Design. Her main inspiration comes from Mid century Illustration, Surrealism and the artist A.M. Cassandra.

Graduating nearly six years ago, she has worked on several impressive commissions including Selfridges, Adidas and Creative Review. Her work is mainly a mix of hand drawn illustration combined with abstract forms of colours and collage. She likes to work collaboratively as the results are more exciting and successful, but finds personal work more liberating as it influences her commercial work.

She had a natural flare for design and I was surprised to see how commercial she worked, I was slightly confused by how she put her work together but obviously a combination of hand drawn work and the computer were used to arrange and add colour.

I liked her, her work was equally as impressive and it was great to see another female lecturer. She was not from my preferred discipline but it was great to see the opportunities she had had and how she overcome certain issues.

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