Friday, 23 April 2010

PORTFOLIO CRIT : Love Creative

As part of the portfolio crits organised by Hitch, I had one yesterday with Love Creative, following this I will have one with Adrian Shaughnessy next week.

It really is exciting to be able to have the opportunity to show creative agencies my book and it is all in preparation for the following few weeks as we apply for jobs/work experience.
The Love Creative agency is one that I admire and aspire to work in, the whole nature of their work and ethics is an environment where any young creative person should want to work in. They have worked on some major clients including Umbro, Dr Martins, Nandos, BBC and Playstation. Their work is highly creative - it is funny, clever, brilliant and visually stunning. Prior to the portfolio crit I did extra research about their work and I found it even more impressive as you scroll through their website. Which is equally as impressive and totally different from any other agency I have seen. Take a look at :

So, the portfolio crit went really well! I was pleased that we had a personal interview with the Creative Director Phill Skegg and Chris Myers as I find it easier to talk and create a relationship with them. The office building they are situated in is a really nice, creative environment and we were shown round the floor they share with The Neighbourhood. It was light, inspiring and looked like a real agency environment. The creative team was mostly males....with one female as the studio manager, no surprises there then!?

I enjoy presenting my work and I am able to talk about my projects confidently, and I think that this was clear to them as they said I was a great communicator who was very professional when talking. They also liked the fact that I had actual live projects in (GMP and NoiseLab) and were equally impressed with what I had achieved. They really liked my business cards I did for NoiseLab and I am glad I did them now!

It was a positive portfolio crit and the two gents were also a delight - they wanted to know more and were not afraid to ask questions and challenge my answers.

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