Monday, 26 April 2010


I am currently working on the D&AD : Metro brief which requires you to create a transport advertising poster campaign and strapline that cuts above through the visual noise of the everyday commute to promote Metro newspaper.

Target audience is 18-44 urbanities who are trend savvy, love to socialise and they have a higher than average income. They will live or work in the city centre so they are time starved, media literate and love new trends.

Considerations are to promote Metro to readers as they best was to get up to speed with the latest news in the morning, start to think of the Metro as a personality rather than a product utility and encourage loyalty.

Over the weekend I did some research into the Metro and it is interesting to see why they are so popular. Distributed over 33 cities with around 3.5 million readers, it is the third biggest weekday newspaper.
I also looked at several reviews to get a general feeling of what people though.
This is my favourite:

Steven B.

North Lanarkshire

"The Metro.
It's like a friend who travels everywhere with you.
It has a good layout which makes it easy to dip in and of all your favourite sections, with my favourite being The Ridiculant and is 100% free.
There's a Metro on virtually every bus and train, which seem to magically appear every morning before your local commute.
There's a high volume of laughs in the paper, mainly from wacky letters sent in from Joe and Josephine Public and it is of a high quality overall, for a free paper.
So yeah there are a wealth of advertisements, but hey, it's all relative.
As Scottish as a can of Irn Bru."

Feast your eyes on some of the main images from my research:

I particularly love these from intwo, clever and executed beautifully.

I seriously can't get enough of installation, ambient advertising I love how it communicates with the viewer and makes a response of 'arrrggghhhh'.

I also love these (artist unkown), visually really strong, the typography really stands out and plays with the actual meaning. Brilliant!

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