Sunday, 11 April 2010


Jemma, Leanne and myself have been at SSL International this week and we are working on a World Environment Day brief, which is to celebrate SSL's progress and make employees more aware of how they can be more environmentally responsible in the workplace and at home. The brief is actually quite good, it is a subject that should be taken more seriously so I have enjoyed working on it.

There are four designers and two environmentalists working on the brief, so its been great to work as a team and produce come good work. We have two weeks to produce posters, information pack, badges, activities to promote the WED day on the 5th June 2010.

The first week there I have been working on research, ideas and designs for our first pitch which we had on Friday, it has been great to be in the work environment (not too mention the free lunch and expenses paid for!!!) which has made it all too real that we are finishing in literally weeks...As a team we all have brought different ideas to the table to produce some nice designs and ideas that they actually like.

Here is some of the research I did for the brief:

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