Friday, 5 February 2010


I am proud to announce the month long show hosted by Eddie and Ryan (DR.ME), I sadly wasn't able to visit on the open day but I still managed to visit Nexus Art Cafe to see their show. The exhibition hosts many famous artists and designs and several of our own D&AD members, Arron, Adam and Oyunga. It really was a pleasure to visit the cafe, the work was well positioned and captured within the space.

Here are the various other posters to announce other events this past year.

Melvin Galapon - a very cool, inspirational designer whom I have never heard of before but I really like. The use of colour and simple lines are effective and powerful in how they are delievered. Personally this is my favourite designer of the whole show (not to mention the work by DR.ME and D&AD designers)

Oyunga Gombo-Ochir, D&AD

Adam Brandon, D&AD

Chrissie Abbott

Tea Cake Design

Mario Hugo

DR.ME designs

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