Monday, 1 February 2010


Last year I lived down near MRI, but as I have moved home this year I miss seeing the advertising and design along Oxford Road. As this is noted for being the busiest bus route in Europe and with over 75, 000 students walking up and down it daily, it is to no surprise that someone, somehow will entertain our meaningful lives.

Just further past the Manchester Academy, this ambient display of type was housed on a take away shop...the intended purpose - unknown, who by - a Lemn Sissay? However it is striking, well it certainly caught my eye!!

Similar to concrete poetry, the letters 'fall' like rain drops in a delicate but strategic manner. It reminds me of a word-search but doing rather the opposite are the words are there for us.

I googled Lemn Sissay to find out he is an Ethiopian poet who has an incredible name for himself in British Poetry and Jazz Fusion Groups.
Check him out at:

It really brightens my day when I see art in the environment, there is too much graffiti nowadays and people are always trying to ruin things but here far away from anyone's reach is an effective piece of poetry that potentially reaches out to a wider audience. Beautiful!!
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