Thursday, 4 February 2010


As we all know Urbis is going to become home to the Football Museum, there are good points and bad to this!? The cultural and arts scene of Manchester will obviously suffer, but football is the national sport so it should be celebrated. As Manchester is home to two of the most famous football teams, United and City we should be proud of them, however I'd rather not loose the gallery space as a result!!

The 'Goodbye' exhibition:

"On Saturday 27 February, Urbis will close its doors in its current form. But before it does, comes its grand finale – the retrospective exhibition Urbis has Left the Building: Six Years of the Best Exhibitions in Pop Culture. Looking back over a 6 year journey that has seen the finest exhibitions on popular culture brought to the city of Manchester, it will celebrate and commemorate the highlights of Urbis’ imaginative, self-curated and diverse programming."

It is definitely a must see, not to be missed!!

I took photos of the main posters used to launch exhibitions, most of them I actually went to see so it brought back some memories:

The exhibition on the 3rd floor is based on Ghosts of the Winter fall: Manchesters Television.
I had a brisk walk round, mainly interested in the old fashioned imagery of some of our famous soaps, e.g Coronation Street.

Walking through towards the shop there is a short but sweet photography exhibition based on the Curry Mile. Great use of exploration through type in the environment!!

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