Thursday, 25 February 2010

NOISE LAB: Experience & Exhibition

My latest achievement is the encounter I had with Noise lab ( Guerrilla Arts Pop Up Store) two weeks ago.

I originally went to the store in Manchester, based in the heart of Market Street for what I perceived to be a meeting about the space and the opportunities they had to exhibit in. I arrived with some optimism to later learn that in fact it was a pitch by individual student groups to propose why they should exhibit there....

Utter gob smack!! I had about 15 minutes to prepare something....I figured that showing them why we are D&AD and what makes us individual to other courses was a significant point to raise!! So, I opened several blogs, got up photos of our current exhibition in the Holden Gallery Cafe, and I showed them Tee Twelve and DR.ME.

Successfully they must have liked what they saw as they have offered us the top floor exhibition space from the 30th March till the 3rd April. It is an amzing opportunity for D&AD, for us as designers and for us as a course. It will end what has been a roller coaster of a ride. I'd like to think of it as a celebration, it is in preparation of our actual degree show but it is also an opportunity to show the rest of the world what it is we're made of.

I will include more details on the actual show nearer to the time, so book it in the diary!

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