Friday, 19 February 2010

Manchester Masters 2010

I have been slightly neglectful recently, the reason for this is that I have been on a very stressful but exhilarating experience.
Over Christmas I applied for the Manchester Masters programme, which is basically an opportunity for graduates of 2010 to stay and work in Manchester in several different companies. they would have a mentor throughout the year, would have experience in 4 placements and would end with a Masters in Business. There was also several other bonus included that were very pleasing!!!

The process of applying included answering several difficult questions and fulfilling a 40 sec you-tube video explaining why you would be an ideal candidate. You were allowed to be as creative as you liked and I took this opportunity to show them how I could apply myself.

After the deadline they then short listed 40 people who would try to win the hearts to become the final 10 candidates, there was a gruelling 2 day boot camp style interview where they would be judged on their team skills, personality and strategy thinking.

When I found out I had been short listed for the final 40, it felt like an incredible achievement. It would be a difficult but great experience to put on the CV!
The interviews began on Tuesday (16th Feb) and we were thrown right in the deep end, with a panel of 15 judges from some of the top companies in Manchester we had a lot to prove and make ourselves shine above the rest. As part of the final 40, each and every person was as able as myself, and there were some key personalities that were clear from day 1! the first day included team work, presentation work and general leadership skills, which you were being assessed on from the word go. I have to say it was exciting, emotionally draining and exhilarating but I loved it...from the minute I got in there, I threw my all in to it.

I must have done something right as I was again short listed to day 2, so 40 people went to 20 people. At the end of day 2 (17th Wed) it would go from 20 to the final 10, which would be a scary prospect. Day 2 was equally as hard, even more so difficult as the tasks got harder and more challenging, but I worked at it constantly trying to show them the qualities and skills I have.

I have to say that myself and Alison who successfully got through were obviously disadvantaged than other people as we lacked the Marketing and PR knowledge that they had. Many of the competitors were either on a Marketing/Business/PR degree and they either had or were working in the industry. So, we had to work extra hard!

We didn't make the final 10, but to be honest I had already won! I wasn't disappointed as I didn't even expect to get short listed, but it was a great buzz to be selected and to prove what it is I can do. The people who did get through deserved it, they all equally had the qualities of what was expected and I wish them every success.

I have learnt that I should now play to my strengths, I realise I have a passion for design but I also enjoy and relish in communication. I love all aspects of communication, from social, to clientele presentation I have a natural ability and this is where I want to take my career. I also have decided to pursue a role within marketing and creative planning, so hopefully things are looking up!

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Sandy Lindsay said...

Helen - it's Sandy! I'm delighted to read your blog and hear your views on the experience. You have absolutely the right attitute towards it all and I'm POSITIVE you'll find the perfect job for you and make someone a fantastic colleague. Good luck and keep in touch. (now stop doing stuff - put your feet up and enjoy a well earned lazy weekend!)

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