Friday, 14 May 2010


As part of a longer project I have been working on in the last term - I have been researching into Design Responsibility and how the work we produce can affect the intended outcome.

What I have realised is that Design Responsibility comes in many forms - it is not just about the message or design of a poster/campaign, it is about how you as a young professional can be in control as it is your decision. Its up to you to decide what path you will take.

The intended outcome for this project will be a typographic book including all the inspirational and important bits of advice I've found when researching and a series of posters to creatively emphasize two very different elements.

So far I am near completion of the posters, I now just need to design and select the quotes/advice to suit who I am aiming at and why - this then will hopefully influence and make young designers realise their role within the Industry.

Just some thoughts I'd leave you with:

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Ben Kither said...

These are lovely Helen

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