Friday, 28 May 2010


As we are in the second to last week of this term/year, I have been working on finishing and tweaking the poster series taking the taglines. I have developed the concept again and another poster design I had was to great a sign off from Metro - taking the form of Metro literally signing the poster declaring themselves as true to their world.

Speaking to other peers I think that this idea will be my final design as it has potential and although it is a traditional design it has a modernistic approach that makes it more noticeable.
Here are my designs for the sign off, it has developed massively in the space of three days so I am really pleased.

The final posters still have minor tweaks as I have not been working on them for a day or so - I thought this would make me more reflective and subjective to how they will be interpreted.
Any thoughts welcomed!

So the final three posters series are as follows:

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