Thursday, 20 May 2010


The other project I have been working on these past three weeks is Metro.

The brief :
- create a strong cutting edge campaign that cuts above the visual noise of the everyday commute
- TA 18/44 urbanities who have a higher than average income, they are savvy tech!
- Promote Metro as the number one morning newspaper, creating more personality for the product rather than the brand.

This type of commercial brief has been perfect for me, it has been fun and challenging something which I need after having quite personal projects on the go, it will also look more diverse in my portfolio!

My initial concept for the brief was to base the design on creating more personality for Metro, so I came up with several ideas and the main one being the different ways you can interact with Metro e.g.

eat with metro
play with metro
hide with metro
shelter with metro
learn with metro

This then quickly progressed into a further stage - after discussing my project in tutorial it was said that I needed to focus more on the USP of Metro, which is BITESIZED news.... something that other competitors do not have.

An other idea I had was 'Metro will take the blame for your stupidity', for example...
you missed your stop, because you were reading the paper, you were late for work...again!
I visualised my idea but don't think it is as strong as could be!
Definitely needs developing.

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