Friday, 28 May 2010


Over the weekend I have been working on trying to complete the Metro brief.
Whilst debating my initial concept I began to think that the approach I had taken was not what I had originally intended so taking a look back over my research I realised that I had overlooked why Metro is Metro!

Metro - USP is bitesized information, so with benefit led advertising could I create a campaign based on one element that shows why people love it so much? With a bit of creativity I began to look at Metro differently and wanted to promote the guessing game taken from the Quiz section of "Who Am I?". For example, "I'm small, but big on information" & "I save you a seat".

Although a great concept and tagline it didn't visualise the way I wanted it to and I found myself over-thinking (as usual!) and trying to create something that truthfully it may never be!!
Then I had a mental breakdown and stupid ideas of "who farted in parliament - Metro keeps you up to date", and "If you can read me in thirty, you'll think it's dirty"!!!

I Finally came to the conclusion of a rhythmic tagline that was slightly more professional and suited to my target audience!!!

"Find me at the station, I am the paper of the nation"
"Find me on the train, I will ease the morning strain"
"Find me on the train, I will always entertain"
"Find me on the bus, we sure have a lot to discuss"

"Read me on your break, I go perfect with cake"
"Take a load of your feet, I've saved you a seat"

I am much more happier and confident that this concept promotes all that I am saying, it is answering the brief...and more!!
Here are my initial visuals:

My visual aesthetic is not there yet but with a bit more work I am sure I will crack it.

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