Friday, 28 May 2010


After speaking to Liz I wanted to push my designs into a new direction, and getting out of my comfort zone to produce more energetic design was a must!!!
I have decided that a typographic approach is more suitable for this type of campaign - as it has to visually cut through the everyday noise, it needs to be bold, seen and eye catching!
I have developed the concept into various styles to generate more creative design so that I can assess what direction I want to take!
I have tried to add more of Metro's personality into the campaign and using a background image that directly relates to where the commuters will read the paper e.g. Bus and Train stations.

This poster directly relates to the distribution of Metro throughout the UK, the key decodes the different cities - whilst the shapes are in scale to the size of how many papers are distributed in that particular city. For example London has the biggest distribution, Scotland/North West and the Midlands follow.
I do like this design - more fresher than my other designs, also quite contemporary! It celebrates the newspaper and the success of it rather than just telling the viewer how great it is!!

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