Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Its been awhile....

Since I did some blogging.....

Like many of you I've been working on journal and making sure it was finished on time - I did leave enough time to finish the copy, do layout and then print. But like always - what should take two days...took four!!! But its been worth it - and I actually enjoy the whole process, I feel content that I put in more than enough hours over the past year, and enjoyed working with the design this year.

Here is my documentation of the past few days, including my new best friends!!! :

The final journal - fully printed and bound, it did take longer than expected but like anything, you have to allow for minor problems to occur, so I wasn't that bothered that I finsihed just in time.

I am really happy with my design - it represents an easy to navigate and concept that is based on the three primary colours.

For the chapter pages - I used acrylic blue/red/yellow sheets behind each different chapters these three colours do represent three elements which I have based my journal on, including how I have reflected and evaluated this past year.

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