Saturday, 23 January 2010

Amnesty International Campaign

Here are the final images and video that Sarah and myself worked on.
After debating when to work on this extra project, it was decided that a full day would be more productive rather than a few hours spent here and there.

The actual idea was part of a strong conceptual campaign to promote the freedom of speech. Sarah and myself both had similar ideas as to what the final outcome should be like, we wanted to use guerrilla art in the environment and as we were not sticking to the brief literally this would be perfect for us.

We spent a full day breaking it down into "idea time", shopping for the essentials to make the installation art and a good 2 hours spent in the Chatham lift.
I have found that on the spot ideas can come quickly and bouncing ideas off one another was helpful. As we were so close to deadline it was crucial that we get a concept and stick to it executing it well. It was also great to have a day off from the other various projects.

The final outcome is surprising. I am baffled by its creativity and the curiosity we had when installing it. I hope it has brought a voice to the other art and design students/staff that use the lift making them more aware and not afraid to speak out.

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