Saturday, 23 January 2010


I previously had thought that I had finished Silence, but after talking to Hitch we came to a conclusion that the final A3 leaflet did not summarize all the research and experimental concluded whilst working on the project.

For the deadline I re-focused on what was the main element I wanted to show. Having spent many hours researching into Lipreading, I discovered there was limited material and this was all out dated thus a new approach and design would be most suitable.

I re-designed the previous A3 leaflet but with cutting edge visuals that would have a clean and simplistic approach. The new 12 page booklet would be home to an introduction into Lipreading, using the mouth shapes I created. I spent several hours...designing and finally printing onto sparkling white card for a pristine look, completing with a hand sewn finish.

I am now aware that this final outcome is much more visual that takes my design to the next level. It was incomplete previously and I am glad that I took the time out to develop and finish it properly and I am satisfied with the visual aesthetic.

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