Wednesday, 13 January 2010

FLASH MOB: the "BIG" release

Here is my response to the competition brief for DontPanic, on capturing the theme of resistance. Over the past few weeks I have been developing and creating a flash mobbing event to launch the "Big" release. As part of the event it is open to everyone, anyone who has a thought, an opinion or a message that they want to share and release.

The "BIG" release due to current weather conditions has had to post-poned to a later date, as I want the right conditions for capturing the moment when the balloons would be released.
My idea is based on the joyous moment of remembering a childlike memory. Letting go of a balloon and watching it disappear, but disappear where...who would receive these message...God, no-one...whom? It is the reassurance that we all alike have issues or opinions on matters in present day. Whether that's about getting up in the morning, enduring more job-losses or personal feelings, share and celebrate now as this moment is not forever.

We do not know what will be in the future, but embrace now!
Be part of something different.

If you want to join this event please see:
FLASH MOB: the "BIG" release on facebook.

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