Saturday, 23 January 2010


I have found the personal project very thrilling and enjoyed every minute of it. Being in control of the development and the outcome has been an essential skill that I think has taken this campaign further.

As I am promoting the awareness of deafness, my message is this:
"With 1 in 7 being deaf or hard of hearing, make sure you're not misunderstood
In order to improve your face to face communication, follow these si ple steps and you will be more easily understood: speak directly to your audience, pronounce words clearly and ensure your face and particularly lips are visible."

For the hand in I thought of several ways to promote the campaign, as my designs are originally posters and would be displayed where a large demographic of society would go e.g. doctors, dentists, reception desks, transport stations etc. I further developed this into a direct mail/ postcard promotion, an Interactive billboard advert and an online display on websites including NHS etc.

The direct mail/ postcard promotion would be suitable for those who cannot get out or may be restricted by a disability. They would also be placed in less commercial environments e.g. bars, pubs etc. The message is similar to the posters but with a less formal approach, I designed them so that they can be interactive and the viewer can touch the shape of the mouth.

As they would be essential to the promotion of deafness/ mis-interpretation I wanted them to be placed in various places within towns/cities. Sponsored by RNID, their importance is significant and should be recognised by many.

Posters in situ on trains and and well advertised spaces that would allow it to be accessible to everyone, the mouths are intriguing but with an important message.

Here is the interactive billboard display that would be a constant reel of mis-heard words/ sentences, highlighting the important of Lipreading and how it really can optimize communication:

This is the animation showing how it would work in situ.

Taking this further the online promotion would be featured on all major websites, social media networks and generally anywhere that a large percentage of society would visit.
I designed it to animate on the NHS website:

This is the animation for the online promotion.
It would flicker between the shapes/text and the final message, ensuring that viewers would pick up the clarity of what was being spoken.

I feel that I have chosen suitable media to promote this campaign. I have specifically chosen them to suit the needs and daily life of my viewers ensuring that the campaign will be noticed.
As the more people that become aware will rate the success of how communication will be improved.

I now feel that taking my project from Silence part 1&2 has been very successful and there is a different appearance and visual style that makes this a cutting edge campaign. It is clean, not too educational but the purpose of the colours and delicacy suit the fragility of the mouth shapes and enhance their importance.

The actual mouth shapes have excelled my expectations, they have now become more defined and word like than previous designs. Still keeping their beauty that I find so intriguing.

It has been a great project to fully grasp and feel that I have actually achieved something. It has reached all potential goals set and is effective, cutting edge with an actual purpose and meaning.

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