Tuesday, 5 January 2010


As part of my personal project I have decided to focus on a less educational aspect and more visual/graphical design to create a cutting edge awareness campaign that will make deaf and non-deaf people more aware of the difficulties deaf people face.
As there is limited material available I want to re-introduce it back into society in a powerful and effective way to stop people in their tracks.

Here are a few from NFD Org, New Zealand. These campaigns are the most visual I have seen but focus on deafness more so than I was going too. My design will incorporate Lip Reading aswell, highlighting the difficulties deaf people face.

'Protect your hearing', highlighting Mp3 players can seriously damage your hearing. A copy of the Ipod design but with a serious tone. Very influencial to a younger audience.

Again, more facts out hearing damae. The posters quote the decibels of a large object compared to a household object e.g. passing train to a blow dryer.

These are my favourite, they are using text to demonstrate the difficulties deaf people face when trying to talk to someone e.g. turning your face while speaking and not speaking clearly.

Shouting also doesnt help a deaf person as it makes them feel uncomfortable.

My designs are going to use my original re-designed mouth shapes. These linear lines show the contours and movement of each shape. I have started to work on flash as a beginning idea was to make it into an interactive poster/billboard. The mouth shapes would tune in to people talking and replica what they were saying. Obviously society wouldnt be able to understand them, similar to the difficulties deaf people face. It is about turning the tables, putting deafness and lip reading first, making people more aware.

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