Saturday, 23 January 2010


This is the final poster that I have designed for the campaign, it incorporates all the essential messages of how how you can be mis-heard or mis-interpreted and the effect that it can cause.

The posters would have the following taglines:

"It's Thursday or I'm thirsty"

"Biscuits or Big kiss"

"I love you or Elephant poo"

"Alzheimers or Old timers"

Each design would house the individual shape to that word, allowing each poster to be read easily and clearly.

The clinical approach is suitable for the on-print media of this campaign, making it effective to the visual style.

As I have been in contact with The Deaf Centre Manchester, I took the final poster along not only to get their opinion but hoping that they would allow me to leave it up so that members of the public could see the campaign. They were very happy to get involved and were pleased with the final outcome I had produced.

Hopefully it will begin to make a significant difference to those who suffer from deafness and non-deaf members of the public who are not aware.

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