Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Liz and Mac advised that I re-consider my final designs for the launch of the kino4 promotion. My designs previously were mainly focusing on the concept, which may have been limiting the visual approach. My logo design was something that I thought was the strongest aspect, but when evaluating it recently, I figured that maybe it wasn't.

Over the festive period I decided to bite the bullet and give the re-design a go!
Spending a mere day on the new designs I realised that over the past few months, dwelling on a design does me no good. Having a fresh and interesting approach has been the most effective role in the re-design.

The designs now have a new look. It is simplistic yet incorporating more of the focus between the film and poster, both are working in harmony with each other.
The 'cut outs' in the image represent the main feature in the film, a snippet of what is to come.

I think visually they are much more on a higher standard than my previous designs, do not get me wrong I still value the initial designs but these are challenging the brief more so.

Good work!
Here are the final designs:

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