Tuesday, 12 January 2010


As part of the Flash Mobbing event I am faking, I have designed a poster/flyer that would be released in and around University. The event I am staging has taken a turn for the worse due to recent weather conditions, thus I am now not going to hold the event but still create the whole event. Including: viral, poster, flyer's, emails, facebook and texts showing the main aspects of the event e.g. when, where, date and time.

The posters below are what I have been working on over Christmas. I wanted them to include all the raw emotion of joy, assurance, hope and happiness. As my event is based on the human emotion of releasing the balloons, it symbolises a bold but child like approach. The balloons have become part of the image, getting the viewer more aware of the event I am staging.

My favourite design is this one: the landscape and balloon symbolises the in between level of landscape to sky. It is instigating this moment now, whilst being bold and stating all the information necessary. It also actually looks like and event poster which would be placed in and around student areas.

Here are several other various designs that I also could use if necessary.

There is the potential to develop these designs e.g. re-touching certain aspects.
I really like the how the balloons are the main focus, however in a traditional flash mobbing the event would not be named, but for the purpose of my designs I am insisting it be on!

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