Saturday, 23 January 2010

FLASH MOB: the "BIG" release

Final imagery for the 'fake' flash mob event that I have designed.
Along with the poster/flyer that I designed to promote the event, I also wanted it to be available on social networking sites like, facebook and bebo.

In order to promote the event it would be placed in university buildings, and areas that would be suitable for young people e.g. The Library, Font Bar, the Student Union, Footage and other social places.

Here is an a facebook group that I created in preparation for the event, so far I have more than 50 members who would be willing to join in.

The actual campaign has had to be cancelled due to recent weather conditions, unfortunately this was out of my control and feel that this is not yet complete. The final image for DontPanic that I wanted was to be a shot based on the moment the balloons were released.
Potentially this could be handed in with the next deadline, as an extra project.

The development has been worth it, my previous posters seem a million miles away from this project as it it more beneficial to the target audience. It is personal, wanting an emotional response and a willingness to be involved of something better, not afraid that this moment will not be forever...

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