Thursday, 3 December 2009

BOOK CRIT with Hamish Muir

I hadn’t expected to have this book crit so I was slightly unprepared for it.
Hitch advised I attend it to show him my Silence project.
It turned out to be a small group of us mainly Adam, Thea and myself who had our portfolios and competition projects with us. He did browse through my portfolio, but obviously the work was from second year, not that I was embarrassed of it but it is sometimes cringe able when I see it now...he did give me some very good pointers of how to improve the layout and what I display. All will be taken into account for this year.

He did seem to really like my mouth idea, the stage I am up to now isn’t finished and what he said was kind of the direction and advice that Hitch said. He commented on the fact that my new graphical designs of the mouth could e taken into moving image, to really add depth and interaction with the shapes.The ‘mechanical shapes’ need to be a more neutral position, and like the new symmetrical shapes they need have the same characteristics.He is without a doubt a talented designer and teacher.

I felt very comfortable talking to him but as it wasn’t a personal book crit I didn’t get as much info on how to improve but it was great to talk and meet him.

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