Monday, 14 December 2009

SILENCE: Revisited

As part of the Personal project I wanted to continue my idea of visual communication: lip reading. After speaking to Hitch he advised that I spend this week planning and deliberating if I saw the potential for it to be worth a 3 week project. As he said if the tutors didn't see it viable, it would look like I'd just continued the work not finished from the start of term.

Basically the brief I am setting myself for this week (8th-15th DEC) before my PDP includes:-

Brief: Visual Language.

Take my initial ideas and show them to Speech Therapists.
-Get feedback
-Ask if actually factual
-Where can I take it now? Is a poster needed to promote lip reading?

What material is available for deaf/hard of hearing patients?
What do Speech Therapists do/hand out to patients?

Visit The Deaf Society Manchester.
Visit Elizabeth Gaskell Speech Therapy Department.
Get more info on what available.

This will then allow me to take the info to my PDP to show the potential of what I want to achieve. I have from the very beginning felt very strongly about my project, in the first stage the research and personal development of third year has made a massive impact on what I want to do in the future. I feel like this is where I strive to do more, the aspect of getting a brief, fully understanding and taking the time to get to grips with it is where my skills excel.

But that was then, now I want to take it the next stage further and allow it to develop into a promotional piece and information booklet on Visual Language. All the material for patients was last designed in 1978 and looks very out dated, it needs a re-vamp.

A new design that not only will help patients but will make everyone aware of it.

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