Friday, 11 December 2009

RESISTANCE: Up, Up and away...

Last weekend has come and gone, but for me I really knuckled down and did some very productive work. I already have my final idea and could clearly see the potential in it, but I couldn't help think that I wanted to do something...more...interactive.

This idea of it being more interactive stemmed from ways in which us, as young people can get to together more. Be a community. Be a voice. The brief of 'Resistance' in this particular idea is based on balloons and what they represent. For me, balloons capture my childhood and similar memories of pure happiness, as they aimlessly float and become their own person high above you.

I really liked the idea of people attaching views or memories to them, then they would be released. Symbolising, the need for people to express themselves, resisting against terrorism, graffiti whatever it may be. We don't know where they go, or who reads them...does God?

However, the only problem I had was that they were not Helium. So they flopped and didn't really fly away! If I were to continue this idea I would have to get Helium balloons to get the correct image.

I placed them in the actual environment.
It does look alittle too prepared but the balloons wouldn't have stayed there.

This is the viewpoint through the balloon with the sky/background in situ.
I thought this was beautiful, at this time of day the sun was setting on a crisp and sunny day.

I really like how translucent the balloon becomes.
Very effective.

All the images above were taken in my local park.

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