Friday, 11 December 2009


This is my final idea, the concept is based on a simple quote that I created:


The quote represents all that I perceive to be as 'now'.
From the very beginning I wanted it to be a tone of voice and personality, that not only I could connect with, but it could connect with young people all over.

I wanted it to concentrate on the living...this moment now!
As this is the most important aspect.
It is about addressing young people, to reassure them that what is now wont always be.

I wanted it to capture 'hope', 'reassurance', taking into consideration what young people are feeling now and the problems/issues we face.

Its about resisting how other people act, how to think differently.

The design highlights a dream like state.
The sun setting emphasises closure and a new day.
It seems to be idyllic, a scenic place that habours no issues or fears but looks forward to what will happen now.

The text you might wonder cannot be read clearly. This is not accidental.
I didnt want it to shout out, what I have to say is meant to reach out to that person, individally.
Speaking to them, and them only.

I did have a problems with printing as what looks good on screen never prints the way I want it too. So I have had to alter the background to make it easier to 'find' the text.
But, I am very happy with the outcome, it sums up everything I wanted it to be.
Not only have I learnt more Illustrator skills, but its taught me how to critique my own visual design skills and I hope the tutors can see my potential within this.

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