Friday, 11 December 2009

RESISTANCE: The space around us

As part of my Resistance project, I looked into putting my idea into the environment. As the target audience is 'us', (creative young people) it was a good start to see how we use the space we live in.

When looking at the space around uni, there are soooo many un-kept, silent places that just scream out to be filled or used.

This is Chatham Building.
D&AD is based on the fourth floor.
On the fifth floor you can see some typographic installation art, Ive seen this up for several weeks now. Only recently has it just changed! Yesterday it was 'fuck today'.

But what an inspiring quote to see everyday...
It really made me smile. It made me think about why, I should 'love today'.
What will today bring me...

Its thought-provoking art, it connects with us because we can relate to it.
It is emotional, telling us a statement that we can expand, and interpret it individually.

I love it!
(Sarah knows the guy who did it and his work is up near textiles if anyone wants to see it!)

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