Sunday, 27 December 2009


As my hard drive recently passed away, the photos I took in New York were thankfully saved on my laptop. So I thought how better to cheer myself and reminisce in what was such a fantastic experience.

New never been nor did I have any expectations was a truly magnificent city that had worlds within worlds of endless touristy and off the beaten track experiences to discover. We only had 5 full days so we jam packed as much in as we could.

We couldn't have asked for better weather, cold but brilliant sunshine greeted us everyday as we walked around the city. Staying in Uptown New York was a perfect location, 10 minutes from Times Square and looking onto Central Park was amazing...the view was priceless!
Our itinerary included:
  • Wednesday
    Times Square and Broadway walk
    Smoothie cocktails in a Broadway bar
    An early night for the next day.
  • Thursday
    Walk through Central Park
    Went to several Galleries:
    -Cooper Hewitt Gallery
    -Met Gallery
    -Neure Gallery
    -Museum of Modern Art Gallery
    Sushi with a crazy but lovely American lady.
  • Friday
    Went up the Rockefeller Centre
    MoMa Gallery
    Walk down 5th Avenue saw:
    -Grand Central Station
    -Chrysler Building
    Went to China Town for food.
  • Saturday
    Went to Central Park again, found the Zoo and Ice ring.
    Took the subway to Ground Zero
    Took a ferry ride to Staten Island, saw The Statue of Liberty.
    Took subway to Brooklyn, went to Williamsburg, visited Vintage Shops
    Took an extra long walk over Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Sunday
    Took subway from Times Square to Chelsea
    Found the High Line
    Went to an Artists Book Fair
    Went to Hells Kitchen Flea Market
    Saw Mama Mia on Broadway
    Went for drinks with the group.
  • Monday
    An early start to get packed up for the flight home
    I walked to find Dylan's Sweet store
    Flight home.

It really was a fantastic holiday and I had so many inspirational moments to help with work and life. It was great to explore with friends and to see what most people haven't.

Here are some of the highlights:

Times Square.

Subway Advertisements.

Brooklyn Bridge .

The view from the top of the world: The Rockefeller Centre.

We are The Statue of Liberty.

Installation art for Campbell's Soup.

The ice ring in Central Park.

The largest children's book.

Our view from the YMCA Hostel.

The Financial District.

A beautiful man hole cover.

The magnificent Toys R us.

Grand Central Station.

One of the lakes in Central Park.

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