Thursday, 3 December 2009


I remember Helens work from first year, boy I was impressed then...still am today. She is clearly a talented designer who uses paper, pencil and print to reinvent and play with what affects can be achieved. Now at the RCA doing a MA in Printmaking, she still is exploring what she studied here at MMU. Throughout the 3years on D&AD she was interested in movement and mapping and how things interact with one another. Her studies of the kitchen map the movements and positions we use, almost like a recording of time.

I remember in first year, Sue showing us this work and I knew I had chose the right course, experimentation and opportunities to do your own studies still existed then and now. This is what makes are course different...and better!

She applied to do the MA straight after uni, but wasn’t accepted so she worked as a post lady delivering post and still drawing her journeys, mapping what she saw. In a way this made her more prepared and ready for the MA. The MA up to now is just another journey she is taking, still involving the physical and ways to make things.

She said she is interested in the picture making, than the print itself. It is an interesting thought as the stages we go through as designers becomes the more important, I can relate to what she said. I sometimes feel that the process and learning curve of doing a project always out shines the end result. But it doesn’t mean it’s less important, rather the opposite, as how would you get to that stage without it all?It’s nice to see someone doing what they love; so many people sacrifice opportunities but why should they?

Let life, plan itself on you, not vice versa...
The human cycle.

This is also from D&AD, she did a project based on the house she lived in.

Some work she did for 'cup' in Manchetser.

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