Monday, 14 December 2009


The projection onto the cast knees were shadows of twitching and movement.
The artist 'Dan' used his own body to record the movements.

The figures were static and moved ever so gracefully.

I did foundation with this artist and he still couldn't explain what it was all about.
It basically is showing the use of 'angles'.

Hand sewn type onto canvas.

Ryan Lockley - Spray paint image.

The exhibition is a way of teaching the younger years how to set up a show.
The Holden Gallery is a lovely space and especially with the Link Gallery it really flows through the Art School.

Although I find this type of art very abstract and full of expression, I sometimes question the work as I never really understand it. Obviously we are all creative and can see the potential in it but seriously what is it all about?...

The hot toddies were amazing though! Thanks guys.

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