Saturday, 26 December 2009

PDP Evaluation.

Tuesday 15th December 2009.
Having spent the last several weeks on Silence Part 1&2 and the Competition Brief it was time to discuss my progress. I wanted to mainly ask about developments for my Kino4 Poster Designs, as I wasn’t sure if any were necessary, also, comments on the Competition Brief hand in and my plans for the Personal Project.

As Liz has been my main point of call all term, she already new the work I was to discuss. For Kino4 posters she pointed out that in my reasoning for making them more conceptual, I had lost the essence of each film thus they all had become to uniformed. She advised to work on bringing more focus of each film in, still keeping my logo design and colour scheme as this would allow viewers to recognise when a knew film was being showed.

For Silence Part 1&2, all is going well and I feel like I want to close this chapter and move on now. No problems there!As this is what I want to continue for my Personal Project, I wrote two Learning outcomes to justify why I want to do it. I have stated that I want to not only produce a graphic poster of the Lip reading mouths, making it more interactive and re-introducing it in to society, but I want to create a booklet for a deafened/deaf person. After speaking with Liz, she confirmed my doubt that I need to illiterate a “cutting edge design” at all times. I must not forget this; otherwise it will not be graphically strong enough. I agree with her.The Competition Brief poster I handed in was not what Liz expected, as she had seen my initial ideas she thought I was going to create a more emotional piece that would connect with the audience, instead she thought my design was too obvious and biblical. I was more than defensive. For me, I had created a scene around a strong visual; I did however see her point and she preferred the ‘balloon idea’ which I did want to develop but as I new I would be able to create the image I wanted I pursued another idea.

Overall, this term has gone more superbly than expected. I have had a great time doing what I love and exploring areas I have not considered previously. My progress and studentship is one that the tutors recognise, and I only hope I can continue what I love to do and just do more of it. A great start to what will be a sad but memorable final year.

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