Thursday, 3 December 2009


Never neither heard nor seen it before...and with no intro from Mack, I pressed play...
The to word this...was different.
Boring in parts but wonderful in other aspects.

I didn’t really understand the film (and it had my full attention!!) as it fluttered in-between different people, places etc but basically it involves Johnny Depp running away from a no man’s town as he is thought to have murdered 2 people. (But he didn’t...long story)

The painstaking 2 hour film, passed slowly but the wonderful moments was what kept me engaged with it. The music; a stringing of a guitar highlighted an emotion that felt like strings of your heart. It was really uplifting and personal, like it was playing to me, and only me. Combining this with stills within the film, a moment in time held for several seconds was really provocative and meaningful. They were surreal shots; my favourite moment was Depp sleeping with the dead animal.

There were so many things going on, the music, the camera, the metaphor symbolising what happened was really poetic.
Deep played it beautifully, he was totally absorbed as the character you could feel it.

Another weird and wonderful film! Thanks Mack.

Some really picturesque images.

The woman he supposedly killed, but didn't.

Seriously he was called 'nobody'!

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