Saturday, 26 December 2009


Over the festive period most of us will most likely be spending it doing uni work. The joy of relaxing and spending quality time with the family will have to wait till next year, as now I am wayyyy to busy.
Projects to complete by January 20th:
  • Kino4 poster developments
  • Competition Brief re-work, consider continuing the balloon idea including flash mobbing. Set the event up which will become the poster, I could even stage the event in Manchester with friends showing the whole stages from start to finish.
    Flash mobbing was recommended by Hitch, after looking it up on Google, basically someone sets up an event e.g. 'meet at such a place, such a time', people would turn up and do something e.g. New York Grand Central Station Freeze (see link)
  • Do personal project, make cutting edge graphics.
  • Finish essay, re-structure and design.
  • Amnesty Project. Me and Sarah discussed this before we finished, we are going to work with the idea we had, do poster designs for it then meet first week back in January to share designs.

Could that be it....probably not.
I will just have to see how it all goes.

Hopefully I can make progress and be ready for the big deadline in Jan.

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