Friday, 4 December 2009


It is small to read, so enlarge it!

Whilst doing some ideas based around lyrics and tone of voice, I feel like I need to be more playful with how I approach this brief. Dontpanic are asking for something different, they are known for illustrative posters but they are asking for something different. Its got to be a poster that people would want to collect and it needs to impact!!

I decided to play around with text and see what happens when words form together to have another meaning. I took text from the Bible, (it was a photocopy so they was no cut and paste with the real thing!!) and cut out words that I thought either related or could directly link with my topic. With these, I then formed this poem above. Although it is quite represents everything I want to day. It was by pure accident that they all seem to work together, and it picks up on certain issues relating to 'resistance'.

I do feel this needs more work. Whether I cut and paste it again to reduce it would probably help as there seems to be alot going on! I could highlight certain words? But moist of all I want it to reflect the emotions that I feel and my peers can relate too...I am going into the studio later so this is a good change to see how it affects my target audience.

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