Thursday, 3 December 2009


Alex is now working at YCN and came in to talk to us about the YCN Student awards and how we should go about them.

There was alot of really useful information from Alex and it was good to see a design agency open there doors for us to explore. The environment of which they work in, seems a relaxed but visually more interactive. For example they have an in-house library; designers come in to talk about a new brief or a new book they are promoting. He also said that it’s a great environment if I were ever in London, I should pop by and stay active.

The Eureka project was a really interesting graduate scheme that 6 individuals were part of. It made YCN changing the relationship with everyday, new creative people. They documented the 6 week internship on their blog.

Basically keep being creative and we should do all the briefs, get my name known.
The talk was useful, however it did run over and I think all of us could feel the strain of getting fidgety. Alex was tired, I understand that he had had a hectic week but I don’t think he fully represented what YCN are about and how fun they are.

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